Premium Lane Rope

The Swimplex premium lane rope is made from the highest quality materials to withstand the harsh environment of a commercial pool.


Material is polypropylene. Product name is T7609PTU and contains two stabilisers. Add rate is 2% giving 0.4% in the final product. One is a light absorber that has excellent chemical resistance and is necessary due to the exposure to chlorine but has less strength than the second UV stabiliser. The second stabiliser has a lot of strength but can be affected by chlorine. The formula provides an excellent product life cycle

Standard colours are: white, royal blue, green, yellow, red and black. Custom colours can be made to order.


49 strand 304 grade stainless steel Ø 3.2mm. Every roll is proof tested and certified. If certification is a requirement of the specification then we need to be notified to log the details when the order is processed. The MBL (minimum breaking load) is 652 kilograms.
All are 304 stainless steel. S hook is 6mm. Duplex or “gripple” can take wire up to 3.2mm.

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