Water Attractions

Our water attractions invite you to create your fun your way!  Featuring exciting and well proven combinations of tipping buckets, water slides, net climbs, water cannons and lots of other features that spray water all around the splash pad our water attractions are surely the centre of fun! Children will definitely love it but they won’t be alone; adults will love this entertainment as much as they do!

Studies show that children learn and engage best when allowed to actively explore in an environment that is fun and that appeals to their natural curiosity and desire to learn. Our water attractions are designed to allow kids to have fun, interact with their friends and to learn in a safe and exciting environment. We provide an attraction where children are free to move, play and explore safely.

Our water attractions are available in a size and shape to suit every possible location. They also feature vibrant colours and can be custom themed to suit any facility.

The_Land_of_Legends_Antalya_Turkey (1) 1000×1000
Splash_World_Malaga_spain (5)1000×1000
Serra_Palace_Antalya_Turkey (1000×1000)
Serra_Palace_Antalya_Turkey (24) 1000×1000
Serra_Palace_Antalya_Turkey (18) 1000X1000
Serra_Palace_Antalya_Turkey (15) 1000×1000
Lykia_World_Antalya_Turkey (2) 1000×1000
Lykia World, Antalya, Turkey (9) REV 1 1000X1000
Damlataş Aquapark – Turkey 1000X1000
BBoct2_1850 1000×1000
Austin_Heights_Johor_Malaysia 1000×1000
Serra_Palace_Antalya_Turkey (1000×1000)

Our Water Attractions