BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale, QLD

This 13m high play structure was custom designed to realise the customers dream while achieving maximum operating efficiency.

With a total of 7 water slides, 3 from 9.9 meters and the other 4 from 3 meters and below, it is like a medium size waterpark appealing to both teenagers and younger children. The splash pad allows for the operator to use their discretion in slow times to close the 9-meter slides reducing the required supervision staff from 2 to 0.  That’s right even when fully operational you only require 2 supervisors. Even with the 9 meter water slides closed, kids can still climb up the 9 meters and play with different water guns, buckets and toys.

Did we mention, apart from the water slide supports, it is completely stainless steel!

This will be a milestone in the holiday park market as it will be the biggest play structure in stainless steel in Australia. Also don’t forget you only need the maximum of 2 staff to supervise and the footprint is very small. It is just a little bit bigger than a tennis court. Actually we are currently building over an old existing tennis court.


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