Birrong Leisure Centre, NSW

Birrong Swimming Centre is a popular swimming Centre in Sydney, Australia. In the centre there are two pools, a 50 m outdoor pool and a 25 m indoor pool, completely renovated in 2007 using RenovAction technology. The 50 m outdoor reinforced concrete tiled pool had been unusable for a long period of time.

The general pool condition included leaking pipes and and failed water stop-joints, uneven flow into the overflow channel and damaged lighting system.

A major renovation was required. Myrtha Pools RenovAction technology was selected for the complete refurbishment of the old failed concrete pool. A combination of Myrtha Technology and RenovAction was used. The width of the pool was reduced which allowed for a disabled ramp creating a blind areaa long the side walls. Furthermore, this solution allowed for easy installation of the side wall Strahlenturbulenz inlets circulation system and lighting systems.

The swimming pool is a 50x21x3 m with ceramic overflow gutter on long sides and ceramic competition headwalls on short sides, 5 recessed step treads, disabled ramp and mosaic marking lines on the floor.