Acqua Circo – Photos by Denise Mustafa (2)
Squirtin Frogs and Whales
Watershooter T402 1600×700
Watercube Waterpark East End 1600×700
Ilica Resort 1 1600×700
Aquadek T410-242 DM-D 1600×700

Empex Water Toys


Since 1986, Empex Watertoys® has been an innovator of unique interactive Aquatic Playgrounds and Splash Pads, providing interactive water play for hotels and resorts, municipal parks and recreation facilities, housing complexes, YMCA’s, YWCA’s, campgrounds, zoos, military bases, waterparks and amusement parks.

Empex designs and manufactures rugged products strictly from composite and specialty plastics and limited metal components which provides a lifetime guarantee against corrosion, much lighter than steel.

Empex products are easily installed without embedded anchors or complicated foundations, thus cutting down installation costs.

The installation procedure has been designed to facilitate the upgrading or changing of the arrangement from year to year.